Mountain water, power in all its forms

Weistannen – Batöni – Alp Valtüsch


Mountain water, power in all its forms

Tour description

Even the bus ride from Mels to Weisstannental impresses with its deep view of the Rhine Valley and the large old textile factory high up on the mountain, which is being converted into a residential park. The former weaving mill used the water power from the Weisstannental, which we will encounter in various forms on our hike.

We get off at Weisstannen and follow the Gufelbach stream uphill through a narrow valley. The good path winds through forests and uphill over pastures, between the rugged rock faces of the Marchstein and Jäigerichopfs. In between, the stream in which the waters of Batöni shoot down the valley. Behind a bend, the waterfall arena slowly comes into view. A truly wonderful place with a magical aura and spraying waters, an energy place in the truest sense of the word.

A new suspension bridge facilitates access to the further ascent. The path leads us up the edge of the thundering arena and we take our time to enjoy the views of the spraying waterfalls. At the top, the flowering pastures of Alp Valtüsch await us. We enjoy the peace and quiet before we find our way back to the ascent path via a magnificent viewpoint of the waterfall arena and descend to Weisstannen.

Friday | 05. June 2020


8.45 Uhr, bus stop Weisstannen Oberdorf


16.30 Uhr, Weisstannen Oberdorf

Lengh and duration

11 km, 5.5h (without stops)

Up and down

↗︎ 800m | ↘︎ 800m




T2 to T3, easy mountain hike with some secured, well passable rock steps. Good footwear and surefootedness are an advantage


Maximal 6

Costs / Terms of payment

CHF 90, to be paid cash on the day of the tour


Guided hike, qualified guide, interesting facts about nature and landscape

Not included

Arrival and return journey, consumption en route

How to get there

Public transport recommended. Car possible, start and destination are identical


Hiking guide

Franziska Oertli
Phone: 079 793 94 46

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