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Three becomes four: Welcome Urs!

Urs Wiederkehr, Hiking guide «Schweizer Wanderwege & Erwachsenensport Schweiz, esa»

About us

We are very pleased to be able to introduce you to another hiking idea hiking guide. Urs Wiederkehr from Wädenswil has, like all of us, completed his training as a hiking guide with Wanderwege Graubünden and will enrich our platform in the future with his range of tours. Let Urs introduce himself right away:

«I've been carrying the hiking virus in me since my childhood. We spent our holidays hiking in the Valais, in the Glarnerland and in the Bernese Oberland. On 1 August 1980, at the age of 13, I was allowed to look over Switzerland for the first time together with my father from the 4206 m high Alphubel between Saas-Fee and Zermatt. After my return, I fell asleep in the early afternoon, completely exhausted but happy. By the way, this was the only 1st of August on which I missed the national celebration in the evening.

Today, even in my free time, I stick to the quote of Nietzsche:
Don't stay on flat ground!
Don't climb so high up!
The world sees most beautiful
from halfway up.»


Cooperation with St.Gallen Lake Constance Tourism: Cultural hike

Jetzt anmelden zur Kulturwanderung des Sommers in der Gallusstadt

Culture Hike

We are particularly pleased to be able to offer this unique cultural walk in the Gallus town.

Saturday, July 11 | Saturday, August 22

A varied cultural hike awaits the versatile interested hiker: The immediate area around St.Gallen scores with impressive bridges, which provide an entertaining character with worthwhile stories. Right at the start, the view extends as far as the Säntis massif and we hike across lush green meadows and through gently rushing ravines. After a short, steep ascent through the cool forest, we don't miss the chance to stop at the cozy Gübsensee. A welcome highlight is definitely the summer pleasure at the contemplative soft ice stand - offered by the hiking guide. The rest of the trail provides exciting contrasts: urban buildings and enchanting natural landscapes alternate and we discover that there is an incredible variety of river crossings around the Gallus town. On the way, we pass the exciting Sitterwerk, where we make another stop. An eventful hiking day that will stay with you for a long time! Your BAW hiking guide: Martin Akeret

Interesting facts about culture, history and nature
Attractive route over many impressive bridges
Soft Ice Stop at Gübsensee

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The gift to our guests for the first anniversary of (replacement for 5 June). In the Weisstannental we hike along the water to a thunderous waterfall arena and beyond.

Friday | 26 June 2020
Condition: Medium
Technology: Simple to medium
Number of participants: 8
Price: Free of charge


Neurological research shows that staying in a green area, experiencing nature, reduces physical stress, has a calming effect, brightens the mood and promotes resilience. Timelessness and contemplation have become a need. Diving into the green area and well-being in nature increases at the same time identification with and responsibility for the environment. The experience of this cultural hike, a reading with musical accompaniment and an exclusive evening tour through the idyllic cultural site with its ponds, streams and orchards will therefore last a particularly long time. This event will take place in any weather. In cooperation with Galerie Weiertal. Register nowplaces are limited!


21.04.20 | Wildlife observation: Chamois in the «Züri Oberland»


When we talk about hiking ideas with «real mountain people» and tell them that we come from the Zurich Oberland, we are sure to have a blatant and mocking laugh. Is there supposed to be an Oberland in the canton of Zurich? Of course there is, and what an Oberland!

A few days ago, on a supposedly ordinary morning in the Dürrspitz area of the Zurich Oberland, Martin made an unexpected encounter with the shy chamois and luckily the (bigger) camera was there too. So the chamois does not only live in the whole alpine region - after reintroduction there are also small populations in the Black Forest and in the Jura, in the Vosges mountains as well as here in the Züri Oberland.


12.04.20 | Kings of the air in «Tössbergland»


Various wild animals live in Tössbergland in winter, including chamois, deer, red deer, foxes, hares and ravens. In February of this year we were even able to observe two «kings of the air» on a snowshoe hike. The two golden eagles circled the Tössstock and around the Brandegg elegantly and majestically. This was indeed an extraordinary nature experience. In Switzerland, golden eagles are found mainly in the Alps and the Alpine foothills. The current population in Switzerland comprises around 360 breeding pairs. Occasionally they also appear in the Swiss Plateau. Thus, especially in winter and spring, eagles often fly down into the Linth plain, where they can be observed quite frequently, especially in the Kaltbrunner Riet nature reserve. Golden eagle pairs occupy territories of 80 to 120 km², in Switzerland all territories are currently occupied. In Switzerland, we bear a special responsibility for the conservation of the Golden Eagles, as we are home to about a quarter of the entire population in the Alps. You can find more about the Golden Eagle here.


We were anything but spoiled by the snow this season. All the more astonishing that we can look back on a magical snowshoe hiking winter, since we were allowed to carry out no less than eight tours with highly motivated participants* in the short period from mid-January to early March. Our credo – to provide a real and personal experience in small groups – resulted in a number of plus points and recommendations, which of course made us especially happy! So we were also able to welcome many new faces on our snowshoe tours.

Thank you very much at this point for your great confidence! We are already looking forward to seeing you on our exciting tours in the future. As a reminder of what we have experienced, you will find some impressions in our gallery and with this animated trailer we will let the emotions come alive once again.


18.03.20 | Coronavirus and flourishing nature


Dear hiking friends

Now, of all time! When the days are getting long again. The first pale green leaves stretch out towards us. The snow in the mountains slowly melts and the hiking trails finally open again. Yes, now of all times, as with so many other things, hiking in groups is over for the time being.

Tours with hiking ideas will not take place in the next weeks. Of course we hope that we can be on the road with you again as soon as possible and we are still working on our offer. Let our tour suggestions inspire and entertain you, even if only in your thoughts for the time being. We are looking forward to welcoming you again as soon as possible.

Fortunately we are not embarrassed when we feel the urge to move. We know how good it is to be outside and how beneficial a long walk can be. And one thing is clear: even though almost everything around us is at a standstill, outside nature cares a bit about the nasty virus and develops magnificently. As a small substitute for the hikes not taking place, we will therefore send out our newsletter a little more often. You will find entertaining and up-to-date suggestions with which you can get on the trail of nature right in front of your door. Because it's worth taking a closer look wherever there's greenery, chirping, crawling or buzzing.

Much patience and joy in discovering
Your team hiking idea


Wanderers, moonstruck people and everyday fugitives: The Rigi is not only worth a trip in daylight. Also in the darkness the queen of the mountains shows that she has a lot to offer. The full moon hike from Vitznau-Hinterbergen leads through the night darkness to Rigi Kulm, where the sunrise makes you forget all your efforts. The culinary reward follows with a fine brunch at the Chäserenholz alpine restaurant. Accompanied by a guide, the participants learn exciting facts about the Rigi and are expertly guided through the darkness of the night. On behalf of RigiPlus AG Martin Akeret will lead the full moon hikes on June 6 and August 8, 2020. All further information and the direct registration can be found here. We are very much looking forward to this partner cooperation.

You always wanted to hike on snowshoes through the freshly snow-covered winter landscape? On our tours we offer you a safe and unforgettable experience. You can also rent the right equipment from us.

In February we take you on snowshoe hikes to the beautiful Toggenburg region with a view of the Churfirsten mountain range and to breathtaking experiences high above Walensee. Or how about the unique Wägital Dolomites or a tour to the legendary Mythen area?

Is your dream tour not included? Just send us an e-mail. We will be happy to talk with you.

30.01.20 | Culture hike on the hiking night


After the successful realization of the event «Höhenfeuer auf dem Schauenberg» on the hiking night 2019, wanderidee has come up with something special again this year: A new combination of an easy, eventful hike and an idyllic, surprising cultural programme!

The experience of this hike, a reading with musical accompaniment and an exclusive evening tour through the idyllic cultural town with its ponds, streams and orchards will therefore last a particularly long time. This event will take place in any weather. The number of places is limited – so register today with one click!