Breezy short view pulpit

High above Lake Lucerne including a swim afterwards


Breezy short view pulpit

Tour description

Most of you have already been to the Rigi, but do you also know the Vitznauer-/Gersauerstock? This is a charming limestone peak that already belongs to the Pre-Alps (in contrast to the Nagelfluh Rigi) and can be reached on a short, crisp climb. The hiking guide leads you safely over the narrow ridge and back down again. An adventure hike that will leave you in awe.

On the way to the heavily wooded summit, there are also a few steep sections to pass, secured with chains. Another highlight is the passage over a firmly anchored metal ladder, which is used to overcome a step. A little bit of a thrill is allowed - but it is never boring on this route, which is full of root paths, and this contributes to the fact that this hiking pleasure remains in the memory. Once you reach the top, the magnificent view is simply overwhelming.

On hot days, it is worth jumping into the refreshing deep blue waters of Lake Lucerne at the end, and the mild climate at the southern foot of the Rigi massif with palm trees and generally lush vegetation makes for a real «holiday feeling».

Friday | 29. July 2022

Länge und Dauer

8 km | ca. 3 h (+ Pausen)


↗︎ 480 Hm | ↘︎ 480 Hm


Anspruchsvolles Bergwandern (T3)


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Geführte Tageswanderung
Qualifizierte Leitung
Interessantes über Natur und Kultur
Seilbahn Vitznau Hinterbergen (hin und zurück)

Kosten pro Teilnehmer

CHF 95.– (bar oder mit TWINT am Tourentag)

Nicht inbegriffen

Verpflegung aus dem Rucksack
An- und Rückreise
Einkehr im Restaurant


Mit dem Auto oder ÖV möglich


9.30 Uhr  | Vitznau, Talstation Hinterbergen – genügend Parkplätze zum Tagestarif (5.–) vorhanden. Der genaue Zeitplan und die Packliste erfolgt nach der Anmeldung.


Ca. 14.30 Uhr | gleicher Ausgangspunkt


Sonntag, 24. Juli 2022

Hiking guide

Martin Akeret
Phone: 078 779 30 32

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