Day hikes

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Grand Canyon of Eastern Switzerland

Martin Akeret leads you into a wild, primeval and fascinating canyon landscape at the interface between Neckertal and Toggenburg. A spectacular canyon with exciting insights is waiting to be discovered in person.

Saturday | 06. July 2024

Condition/technic: Middle
Number of participants: Max. 8
Price: CHF 80.–


further dates on request

Toggenburg castle ruins and a Caribbean feeling on the Thur

From the Necker Valley, we hike to the impressive Neu-Toggenburg castle ruins, including a panoramic view over the entire valley. The historic town of Lichtensteig and the enchanted Äeuli Gorge on the Thur are further highlights. Moss-covered rocks and turquoise water offer a refreshing way to cool off, especially on hot summer days. Pack your swimming trunks in your hiking rucksack!

Saturday | 13. July 2024

Kondition: mittel | Technik: einfach
Anzahl Teilnehmer: max. 8
Preis: CHF 80.– (Kinder ab 10 bis 16 J.: CHF 50.–)


Hiking adventure: majestic ridge hike to the Säntis

Experience an unforgettable, challenging day tour in the Alpstein. The trail takes you along the exposed ridge path to the Schäfler, past picturesque landscapes and impressive peaks such as the Oerlikopf, Hochnideri and Girenspitz. The highlight is the famous sky ladder, which leads you up to the majestic Säntis summit.

Sunday | 14. July 2024

Condition: high | Technique: high
Anzahl Teilnehmer: Max. 8
Price: CHF 80.–


further dates on request

Rigi full moon hike: towards the sunrise

Attention hikers, moon addicts and everyday escapees: The Rigi is not only worth a trip in daylight. The Queen of the Mountains also shows that she has a lot to offer in the dark.

Saturday | 17. August 2024

Condition: High | Technique: Medium
Number of participants (max): 18
Price: 119.– (including cable car transfers and breakfast/brunch)
Booking via Rigi Tourism


further dates on request